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      regulation of SRSF protein interactions

Important aspects of mRNA maturation, such as alternative splicing and quality control, take place in nuclear speckles in the nucleus. The long non-coding RNA called MALAT1 is highly relevant for these events, as it guides the activity of interacting partners such as splicing factors by binding them in a phosphorylation dependent manner. One of those splicing factors are SRSF proteins which can be not, half or fully phosphorylated. These phosphorylation states determine residence times in the nuclear speckles as well as interactions between the SRSF proteins, MALAT1, mRNAs and other splicing factors. This dynamic interplay must be controlled by changes of the binding constants between the different interaction partners. We are interested in the molecular principles guiding these processes. We are investigating the relevant binding-events in a top-down manner, using nuclear speckle minimal systems containing different SR proteins, a library of MALAT1 sequences, kinases or phosphatases as well as mRNA.


heat shock proteins